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Here it is
Some scans of my artwork. Unfortunately, no thumbnails are available. (I don't know how to make them.) But anyways. Please, if
by chance you actually want some of this garbage, please give credit where it's due, okay? Thanks. I don't have those annoying
right-click blocks on thje page, mainly because I can't make them, but also I know the tragedy of wanting to print or save a really cool
picture and then a stupid alert pops up that whines about not being
able to bypass security, or has a custom message akin to "Don't take these motherf*cking pictures, they're mine and f*ck off."

Dilandau And Gabrielle Kissing
Alright so it's kinda crappy, but hey... At least I'm trying... Drawing people kissing is hard...
Phallic Fruit
Bananas are the world's most phallic fruit...
A Scene From Codename Fox
One of the best scenes in the book... To bad the illustration didn't turn out as well as I wanted it to...
Libreia- Concept Sketch
This is a conceptual art sketch of Gabrielle's mecha, the Libreia, which is a red and black version of the Escaflowne but lacks the ability to transform into the knight form.
Playing With Polaroids
Part of a series... Gatti supposedly took this picture... Now that you know that you'll get the other picture...
Second In The Polaroid Series
The writing's a bit unclear, so it says:

"Dilandau trying to work the camera. He was blind in one eye for five minutes after this shot. Oh well, at least it's a good shot of his eye."

(Funny associated picture coming soon...)
Finally(P.S. this is a screencap I didn't draw it ((duh)))
Finally! No more goddamned crappy excuses for drawings! Oh no! More soon? Argh...