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These Are Links To Other Escaflowne Sites
The links of me. ^_^ I sound like the all powerful Queen of everything when I say that! ^_~ Yeah... anyways here are the links to many other sites, some containing Escaflowne, some not. If you want your link posted up here, please email me. I'm sorry but any mail sent to scimitar67@hotmail.com will be disregarded because that email is no longer in operation. Make sure you send it to one of the valid ones:
Page has been updated to allow space for some currently functioning sites. This is your chance to advertise! The link MUST have to link to a site that has something to do with
Other Anime
Final Fantasy
And must not contain any hentai unless forewarned of this clearly.

A very cool site. You can find links to hundreds of other anime sites, not just Escaflowne! (duh) ^_^

My Personal Favourites
Eternal Dreams Of Heaven A really great site, offering buttons, backgrounds, Graphic links, lots o' stuff! Go check it out!
Chocobo Adoptions! By XdarkZerox This is the Chocobo Adoption site where I got Bakuchiku from.
Blade Cham This is a cute site that has some wonderful drawings... (Some are a bit skimpy, so be warned. No hentai, however.) It's all in Japanese, though, but some links are in English (Such as the 'Graphics' button which is the gallery.) And most of the art's titles are in English.
Mary's Site Mary's site.

Favorite Sites
Stella's Escaflowne Site This is a pretty good site! It's very complete and informative. One of my faves.
Yummy Dilly (devoted to Dilandau) This site's so cool! It is devoted to Dilandau, the cutest villain of all time.
http://www.escaflowne.fws1.com This is a friend's Escaflowne site! It's great!
Lizzard.net A very well done Escaflowne site.
Cedename: Fox Site run by me. Has info on my book, as well as it's available for download. More of a 'personal site.' Has thumbnailed images.
The Arrow's Quiver An affiliate.
Summer Dreams Another Affiliate. Quite a cute little site, but it's growing.
No Link Here Yet Space is free for a link.
No Link here Yet Space is free for a link.