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These are the characters of Escaflowne
These are the main characters of Escaflowne. Millerna Aston and Folken De Fanel added.

Vaughn Slanzar De Fanel
Vaughn is the youngest son of the former king, Gaou. He has one older brother, Folken, who disappeared when he went to slay a dragon to become king. Vaughn is now the heir to the Fanelian throne. He is 15 years old. Vaughn has a tendency to be very quiet, and often does not show his feelings. Vaughn is in love with Hitomi.
Hitomi is the heroine of The Vision Of Escaflowne (Tenkuu No Escafurone) and she is, like Vaughn, 15 years old. She bounces back from her extraordinary circumstances with surprising resiliency. She is a freshman at Highschool, and she likes to tell the future with Tarot cards.
Allen Schezar
Allen Schezar is a well known knight. He is a very honourable man, and he is 21 years old. He formerly had an affair with Millerna's older sister. The result was Chid. -_- (I hope that wasn't a spoiler!) But anyway, Millerna now thinks she is in love with Allen, but he doesn't seem to recipritate those feelings. Allen also has the reputation of being a playboy.
Dilandau Albatau
Dilandau Albatau leads a squadron of young men that are all just as attractive as he is (gotta love that scar! ^_^) Dilandau is 15 years old also, and has the worst case of pyromania that I have ever seen on TV. He can go a tad bit...beyond reasoning... at times, and he is perhaps the most well known Anime villain of all time. (About that rumour floating around that Dilandau is a girl, the answer is Yes but No. When he has gone crazy and they are subduing him because he is traumatized, they take off his shirt. That is NOT a girls' chest.) But the Yes part is... Well, I can't say that without it being a spoiler! ^_^ Watch the series if'n ya don't know! (Oh, and YES, I have seen the entire series, yes, I know what happened at the end, but I view him as a guy.)

Merle (Meruru) was orphaned as an infant and was found in the forest by Valgus. She is 13. She is one of my favourite characters! Kawaii neko! She has grown a little protective of Vaughn, her childhood playmate. She can also be a little immature at times, and be very childish... But I like her!
This is a really interesting picture of Millerna Aston. She is the 15 year old princess. She seems to be in love with Allen, but he doesn't really love her back. (How sad...) But anyway, she is quite cool.
Folken De Fanel
Folken De Fanel is Vaughn's older brother. Originally, he was supposed to become king, but when he went to kill a dragon, the dragon sorta ripped his arm off and then left him. Folken then reappeared amongst the forces of the Zaibach Empire. He plans all of the strategies to capure the "White Dragon," But he is not violent or cruel. The tear beneath his eye symbolizes his eternal sadness. Since Folken is also half Ryujinbitu (Dragon God People) he can also sprout wings, like Vaughn. Folken is very sick, so his wings are black.
Nariya and Eriya
Nariya and Eriya are the two leopard twins who got rescued by Folken when they were very young. Thus, they are completely loyal to him. They are very good warriors in the forces of Zaibach.